• It is never to late in life to have your teeth taken care of.  –  Becci
  • My teeth look so much better and it is great to be able to smile again. It has actually become a pleasure to go to the dentist.  –  Alta
  • Now I have beautiful teeth and I actually like to smile.Dr. Bill has a great eye for what looks natural  –  Gail
  • When my front teeth and my lower teeth started moving, Dr.Mulliken recommended Invisalign. Now my teeth are very straight and flossing my bottom teeth has become easy  –  Dorthy
  • Dr. Mulliken's staff is so relaxed. Everyone in his office has a lot of fun. When Dr. Mulliken recommended an implant rather than a bridge, I could not think of a better way to go and am very happy with the results.  –  Guy
  • My smile was terrible! You couldn't even see my teeth when I smiled. While the procedures did take some time, there was no pain or discomfort involved. Now my teeth look great  –  Scott
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